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We just received the information (24th January 2022) that a secondary student who received the Health Risk Warning from MOH on the 19th January 2022 was tested positive on 24th January 2022. The student was tested negative when the student attended lesson with Math Note.

The tutor who is in contact with the student is Miss Chua. Attached is the picture of Miss Chua's ART test which was done on Monday 24 January 2022.  All the other tutors has no contact with the student.


To ensure the safety of our students, the following measures will take place from 25th January to 30th January 2022.


The classroom has been sanitised throughly with alcohol.

Secondary/Junior College Students

All lessons will be converted to online from 25th January to 30th January 2022.


Lessons will be conducted at the respective usual timing via Zoom.


All lesson materials and zoom link will be shared via google file with the students. Please kindly ask the student to send a message to 82187192 with their gmail address.

Primary Students

All lessons for primary school student will be suspended from 25th January to 30th January 2022.

Student need not come for lesson and the fee will be credited to following term.

Resume Lesson

All lessons will resume physically from 3rd February 2022.

We seek your kind cooperation and sorry for any inconvenience caused.


We look forward to see the students back physically after the Chinese New Year holiday.


Happy Lunar New Year. Wishing you good health and a prosperous year ahead!

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