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The Math Note Classroom
The Math Note Classroom
The Math Note Classroom
The Math Note Classroom
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The Math Note Classroom


Mathematics lessons according to the latest MOE (Ministry of Education) syllabus for Secondary and JC students by ex MOE Teacher

Pri, E math, A math, IP Math, JC H1 And H2 Mathematics

The Math Note specialises in delivering the right concepts and quality lessons to students

Small Class Size of max 4 students

Class size is kept small for better student learning.

Lessons personally conducted by Ex MOE Teacher with more than 14 years of teaching experience

Lesson materials are carefully planned and crafted based on the experience gained over the years.

More than 85% of students have achieved A for O-level/Sec 4 IP Final Exam/A-level

Proven results

Has taught more than 500 students

Students from school such as NYGH, St Nicholas, Cedar Girls, Dunman High, Catholic High, MGS, TJC, etc

Unleashing Potential

At The Math Note, we focus on unleashing the potentials of the left brain, which is responsible for our logical thinking. Through our lessons and carefully crafted notes, students will learn to solve Mathematics questions in a logical and systematic way.


Understanding Concept

The Math Note emphasises on the fundamental principle of each topic. Students will learn to appreciate the concept and apply them when solving problems.


Excelling Mathematics

With good understanding of the subject, we hope that our students will be able to excel and achieve good results in Mathematics.

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Trial Lesson Available

Contact us to arrange for a lesson

More than 98% of the students has shown improvements in the results within 2 months after joining us


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