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对于Integrated Program (IP)课程的学生,课程内容与O-level课程的学生相似。IP学生可能会被提前介绍一些高级中学的课题。这些主题也将在我们的课程中涵盖。

  • Linear Inequalities

  • Linear Equations in Two Variables

  • Expansion and Factorisation of Algebraic Expression

  • Algebraic Fractions and Formulae

  • Quadratic Functions, Graphs and Equations

  • Proportion

  • Congruence and Similarity

  • Pythagoras' Theorem

  • Trigonometric Ratios

  • Volume and Surface Area of Pyramids, Cones and Spheres

  • Problems in real-world contexts


Each topic includes:

  • Detailed explanation of concepts and principles

  • Comprehensive revision notes 

  • Individualised explanation and support tailored to each student's requirements

  • Worksheets encompassing all subtopics within the same chapter

  • Practice questions on different level of difficulties.

  • Challenging revision questions

Each term includes:

  • Topical revision Papers

  • Mock Exam/Test Papers

Students will:

  • develop the ability to recognise similar type of questions

  • acquire the logical reasoning skill to solve questions

  • practice good working presentation

  • develop good habit of self-checking on incorrect steps

Sample Learning Notes
Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 1.18.24 PM.png

Illustration and explanation presented in a simple way to enable students to understand them easily

Highlight of main formula to guide the students on what to focus on during revision.

Worked example to show students the proper presentation of working and example for them to follow.

S2 Pythagoras Theorem Notes _page-0002.j
S2 Pythagoras Theorem Notes _page-0003.j

Further illustrations on the idea out of syllabus context to induce thinking and interest of student

Real life context on application of the topic

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