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Structure of Weekly Tuition Class

Our weekly lessons are structured and designed to build strong foundation and focus on in-dept mastery of every topic to help your child.

Math Note's 3 Stages of Learning Cycle Framework for Every Topic

Side View

Math Note Frame Work for IP/O-level

Top View

Top Math Note Framework for IP/O-level Math Note

Stage 1: Introduction of New Topic

  • Clear and concise explanation from teachers with our own consolidated teaching materials prepared from years of teaching experience.

  • Structured basic questions to build up concept and technique for each individual topic

Stage 2: Concept Reinforcement

  • Carefully crafted questions that requires more complex steps and thinking skills to solve

  • Strengthening the concept of the topic

  • Allow our students to familiarise with different type of questions from the topic

  • Develop our students' processing and logical thinking skills

Stage 3: Content Mastery

  • Exposure of higher-order-thinking type of questions to our students

  • Development of application skill of our students

  • Introduction of questions which are cross-topical and ways to identify and solve them.

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