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Our Students' Results

We pay close attention to our students' strength and weakness to help them strive for excellence in their Mathematics learning journey.

9 out 10 students shows significant improvements in the Final Year Examination every year.

Our Achievements 2022

Our Achievements 2020

From D7 to A1 and finally O level Distinction 

Believe in yourself and hard work will get you there! (See below)

GCE 'O'  and 'A' level result 2019

Congratulation to all students who has done well! It was not easy but you made it! 

Term 4 (2019)

Good effort, everyone! Keep it up!

Term 3 (2019)

Congratulations to all the students who has done well and showed improvement.

Let's continue to work together to achieve better results!

Term 2 (2019)