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Calling all Primary 6 students gearing up for the PSLE Math exam! Are you ready to conquer every question with ease and precision? Look no further than our comprehensive PSLE Math revision course, covering both P5 and P6 topics!

Student will be receiving 

Complete Coverage of PSLE Topics

We cover both Primary 5 and Primary 6 Math topics, ensuring thorough preparation for the PSLE exam. From foundational concepts to advanced problem-solving techniques, we've got you covered!

Enhance Problem-Solving Skills and Techniques

We teach students how to systematically approach and solve word problems, empowering them with effective problem-solving skills.

Customized Learning

We understand that every student learns at their own pace. We cater to individual learning styles, providing personalised attention and support to ensure maximum understanding and retention.

Preparation for the Exam

This workshop prioritises exam readiness through targeted practice sessions, mock tests, and thorough analysis of past PSLE papers. By replicating exam conditions and providing insights into question patterns, we ensure students are fully equipped to tackle the PSLE with confidence.

Reasons to Join Us Now

  • Small Class Size of Maximum 5 Students

  • Proven Track Record: Benefit from our tutors' stellar history of guiding students to math success with expertise and dedication.

  • Tailored Instruction: Personalised guidance to strengthen weak areas and fortify foundational skills.

  • Solidify Foundations: We focus on strengthening fundamental Math concepts from both Primary 5 and Primary 6, ensuring students have a rock-solid foundation to build upon and do well In PSLE and beyond.

  • Supportive Environment: Our supportive learning environment empowers students to overcome the fear in Math

Course Contents

Lesson 1: Whole Numbers and Basic Operations

  • Number Notation and Understanding Place Value

  • Multiplication and Division Strategies

  • Solving Word Problems Involving Basic Operations

Lesson 2: Fractions and Decimals

  • Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

  • Multiplication and Division of Fractions

  • Solving Word Problems Involving Fractions and Decimals

Lesson 3: Measurement 

  • Understanding units and conversions

  • Reading different types of clocks and calculating time intervals.

  • Calculating the perimeter and area of various geometric shapes.

  • Determining the volume and surface area of three-dimensional shapes.

  • Solving Word Problems in Measurement 

Lesson 4: Ratios, Percentages, and Rates

  • Understanding Ratios and Proportions

  • Calculating Percentages and Percentage Change

  • Solving Word Problems Involving Rates and Ratios

Lesson 5: Algebraic Expressions (Not included in 6 lessons package)

  • Using Letters to Represent Numbers in Expressions

  • Evaluating and Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Lesson 6: Statistics

  • Understanding how to interpret data presented in bar graphs, tables, line graphs, and pie charts.

  • Analysing data effectively through the use of graphical representations

  • Understanding and calculating the average 

  • Solving Word Problems in Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, Pie Charts, Average, etc

Lesson 7: Geometry (Not included in  6 lessons package)

  • Identifying, measuring, and applying angle properties.

  • Classifying and understanding the properties of different triangles.

  • Recognising and understanding the properties of various quadrilaterals.

Lesson 8: Integrated Revision and Problem-Solving Strategies

  • Comprehensive Revision of All Topics Covered

  • Practice Sessions Integrating Multiple Concepts into Word Problems

  • Advanced Problem-Solving Strategies for PSLE Success

Workshop Details

Workshop Period: From June 1st to June 30th (please note that the last week of June is not part of the school holiday).

Course Duration: 8 lessons or 6 lessons 

Lesson Duration: Each lesson spans 2 hours

Frequency: Classes are held twice a week 

Location: Bishan (within 5 mins walk from Bishan MRT)

Class Timings:

  • Thursday: 3:30 PM

  • Friday: 3:30 PM, 7:30 PM

  • Saturday: 9:30 AM, 12:00 PM

Course Fee:

  • Regular Rate: $85 for each 2-hour lesson

  • Early Bird Discount (Register before 20th May): $80 per lesson

  • Existing Student Rate: $75 per lesson

Materials Fee:

$15 {non-refundable} for all students

Bring a friend and both enjoy $50 off your lesson fees

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