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Secondary 1 Head-start Course 

Give your child a head-start on Mathematics to prepare them for the next chapter of their life

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Students will be receiving:
  • structured worksheets and notes on Sec 1 topic(s) covering

  • an experience Secondary School Mathematics Syllabus ahead of peers

  • good foundation for Secondary Mathematics, especially for IP students when teachers will be going at bullet train speed when school reopens.

  • Prime Factorisation

  • Positive and Negative real Numbers

  • Basic Algebra

Learning Outcomes:
  • primes and prime factorisation

  • finding highest common factor (HCF) and lowest common multiple (LCM),

  • squares, cubes, square roots and cube roots by prime factorisation

  • negative numbers, integers, rational numbers, real numbers, and their four operations

  • using letters to represent numbers

  • evaluation of algebraic expressions and formulae

Timing and Duration:

4th November to 28th November 2019 (4 weeks)

Frequency: Once a week 

Duration: 2 hours per lesson


Monday 4pm - 6pm

Sunday 2pm - 4pm

Thursday  7pm - 9pm

Friday 2pm - 4pm

Course Fee $320

Enjoy $80 off

if you sign up with a friend!

Limited Vacancies!

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