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我们的高中课程将帮助孩子提高和磨练他们的数学技能,为他们迎接 "O" 级或最后一年IP的激烈竞争做好准备,并引导他们在数学方面取得优异成绩。

我们提供IP、IB、O-level和N-level的课程。根据您孩子的学校教学大纲,课程的主题会有所不同。对于Integrated Program (IP) 的学生,其内容覆盖面与O-level课程的学生相似。虽然他们可能会被提前介绍一些A-level教学大纲的题目,但不要着急,因为这些题目也会在我们的课程中涉及。

此外,我们的中四课程包括对所有中三课题的重要复习,以确保学生保留 "O "级或最后一年IP考试所需的知识和技能。

Sec 3 Topic Outline (E-Math)
  • Indices 

  • More about Quadratic Equations

  • Linear Inequalities

  • Conditions of Congruence and similarity

  • Coordinate geometry

  • Functions and Graphs

  • Trigonometry

  • Application of Trigonometry

  • Arc Lengths, Sector Areas and Radian Measure

  • Properties of circles

  • Sec 1 and 2 Topics

  • Problems in real- world contexts

Sec 4 Topic Outline (E-Math)
  • Set Language and Notation

  • Data Analysis - Measure of Spread

  • Probability

  • Matrices

  • Vectors in Two Dimensions

Sec 1 to 3 Topics

  • Numbers and their Operations

  • Ratio and proportion

  • Percentage

  • Rate and speed

  • Algebraic expressions and formulae

  • Functions and graphs

  • Equations and inequalities

  • Set language and notation

  • Matrices

  • Angles, triangles and polygons

  • Congruence and similarity

  • Properties of circles

  • Pythagoras’ theorem and trigonometry

  • Mensuration

  • Coordinate geometry

  • Vectors in two dimensions

  • Data handling and analysis

  • Probability

  • Problems in real- world contexts

Sec 3 Topic Outline (A-Math)
  • Equations and inequalities

  • Indices and surds

  • Polynomials and Partial Fractions

  • Binomial expansions

  • Power, Exponential, Logarithmic, and Modulus functions

  • Trigonometric functions, identities and equations

  • Coordinate geometry in two dimensions

Sec 4 Topic Outline (A-Math)
  • Proofs in plane geometry

  • Differentiation and integration


Each topic includes:

  • Detailed explanation of concepts and principles

  • Comprehensive revision notes 

  • Individualised explanation and support tailored to each student's requirements

  • Worksheets encompassing all subtopics within the same chapter

  • Practice questions on different level of difficulties.

  • Challenging revision questions

Each term includes:

  • Topical revision Papers

  • Mock Exam/Test Papers

Students will:

  • develop the ability to recognise similar type of questions

  • learn the technique to comprehend exam questions and solve accordingly 

  • acquire the logical reasoning skill to solve questions

  • practice good working presentation

  • develop good habit of self-checking on incorrect steps

4052 Elementary Mathematics O-level Examination Syllabus

Paper 1

Duration: 2 hours

Number of questions: 26 short answer questions

Candidates are required to answer ALL questions

Marks: 90

Weighting: 50%


Paper 2

Duration: 2.5 hours

Number of questions: 9-10 questions of varying marks and length. The last question in this paper will focus specifically on applying mathematics to a real-world scenario.

Candidates are required to answer ALL questions

Marks: 90

Weighting: 50%

More information about the GCE O-level examination syllabus can be found here

4049 Additional Mathematics O-level Examination Syllabus

Paper 1

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Number of questions: 12-14 questions of varying marks and length

Candidates are required to answer ALL questions

Marks: 90

Weighting: 50%


Paper 2

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Number of questions: 9-11 questions of varying marks and length, up to 12 marks per question.

Candidates are required to answer ALL questions

Marks: 90

Weighting: 50%

More information about the GCE O-level examination syllabus can be found here

Sample Learning Notes
Elementary Mathematics
Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 1.25.41 PM.png

Simple and clear diagram to help students to understand the common terms used in exam questions.

Circular Measure Notes_page-0002.jpg

Explanation on the mathematical reason behind to derive it instead of just feeding student with formulae

Additional Mathematics
Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 1.30.26 PM.png

Additional fun facts for the students to induce their critical thinking to handle different type of questions during exam.

Binomial Theorem Notes _page-0002.jpg

Highlight of useful results that are frequently use in the topic to the students.

Present a systematic approach and method to the students to help them solve typical common exam questions

There are more pages to it.

Please join us for lesson to get the complete set of materials for the whole syllabus.


Although elementary mathematics was still my best subject, it was like hell for me learning Additional Mathematics, constantly being behind everyone else and understanding concepts after we have already gone on to the subsequent new ones. As expected, I failed my Additional Mathematics for Mid-Year Examinations. I was downhearted. I had never felt so demoralised and discouraged for any subject before. Hence, this led to my efforts in Additional Mathematics being half-hearted and my confidence in the subject to drop. 

I started putting in effort in Additional Mathematics, but it was not enough. When my End-of-Year examination results were released, I felt utterly disappointed and astonished to see that I had failed once again. I told myself that this could not continue any longer, hence I sought for a tuition teacher for Additional Mathematics, and got to know Ms Chua from a friend.


After going through Ms Chua’s lessons, I felt that the extra practice done really helped me to get the hang of new concepts. As such, I went into Secondary 4 feeling prepared for Additional Mathematics. I started to find doing A-Math questions fun as I could understand what I was doing for once, hence doing more practice during my free time. This helped me to improve drastically and I had achieved A1 for Mid-Year Examinations. Receiving my results, I was overjoyed and felt the tears forming in my eyes. I could finally say I have a chance in scoring well for my A-math during O-Levels! 

In the end, I received A1 for my O-levels!

Toh Shee Theng, Sec 4

Yishun Town Secondary


One of the challenges I faced when doing Math is not used to new information, thus it is hard to accept the info as it is (e.g. log, binomial), to me they seem so foreign and therefore I feel uncomfortable when learning them, I got help from Miss Chua and her explanations made me understand the topics that I was weak in better.


When I was unable to solve certain problems, I often feel frustrated and irritated, especially after many failed attempts. However after attending Miss Chua’s lesson and when I could solve the questions given to me, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and i become more confident.


My advice to students facing difficulties in Math is one should never give up and have the will to persist. Miss Chua is encouraging and I am grateful for that as it helped me to carry on when I faced difficulties.

He Ningxin, Sec 4

Yishun Town Secondary


"I was not doing well for my Math from Sec 1 to 3. I had quite a few math tuition before I joined Math Note Learning Centre. It didn't work out very well and I kept quitting my tuition because I really couldn't understand. When I received my test result in Sec 4 Term 1, I was very depressed and I thought I needed to do something. 

I joined Math Note at the beginning of Term 2 and my results started to improve gradually. I got a B4 for my Mid-year Examination and and A2 for my prelims. I couldn't believe myself that time. At the same time, I was very happy and my confidence in Math increased.

I got an A1 for my actual O-levels! Thank you Miss Chua for your help and guidance!

Keryn Teo, Sec 4 

Punggol Secondary School

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