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Group Lessons

Small group lessons with less than 5 students in a group

The number of students in the group is kept at a low number so that each student will receive the fullest attention possible from the teacher.

This course is suitable for student who needs the extra boost to do well and/or to clarify doubts and misconceptions. This is exceptionally beneficial for the student. The reason is that Mathematics is a "Spiral Curriculum". This means that new topics are built on the topics learnt. This is one the main reasons why many students are not able to follow once they have a weak foundation at the lower level, and thus losing the interest in learning Mathematics.

Therefore, ensuring that all concepts are clear is important for the student's learning progress.

Students will be learning the same syllabus together but individual feedback and help will be given to each student.

Another advantage of this course is that the tuition fee is generally lower compared to one-on-one lessons. Students can have the one-on-one learning experience with a group lesson fee.

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