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Individualised Lesson Structure

Find out more about our individualised lesson and how will it help your child to improve and gain interest and confidence in Mathematics!

How Does Individualised Teaching Work?

  1. Lessons are held in small groups with an average student to teacher ratio of 4:1 for primary and 6:1 for secondary/JC.

  2. Each student will be given materials according to the level that they are in.

  3. Teachers will ensure that each student receives individual help throughout the lesson. 

  4. Teacher will explain concepts and access each student's area of improvement and give feedback individually.

  5. For every lesson, teacher ensures that student attempt and understand every single question given in the worksheets by checking student individually in turns.


*The class size is kept small so that the teacher is able to give enough attention to every student in the room.

Advantages of Individualised Teaching

Cost Effective

It is a 1-to-1 lesson experience at a group tuition rate, meaning your child will received quality education with a lower fee.

More Effective Towards Student Learning

Teacher are able to targets the weaker areas of individual students, without the mounting pressure to keep up with the rest of the class. This is due to the personalised pace provided by individualised teaching.

Student-centred Teaching

As compared to teacher explaining to the same concept to everyone in the class at the same time, individualised teaching provides a much more personalised experience, allowing for the teachers to conform to the learning needs of the student and provide the necessary attention for each child.

Learning Pace is Made to Measure for Individual Students

Students get to learn at their own pace. Students who require more time to grasp the concepts will be taught in more detail along with more explicit elaboration, while faster students can jump ahead according to their own abilities. We cater to the pace and needs of our students instead of forcing them to follow a predetermined pace set up for them.

Peer Pressure Free

Students will not feel the need to compare themselves with their peers within this environment, as each student will learn at their own pace. The teachers will change their methods of teaching and speed according to the student in question, without comparison to their peers. This provides an open learning environment free from peer pressure.

No Disruptions of Student's Learning Process

The process is different from how schools usually teach. In the case where a student misses a class, he/she does not need to catch up from the missed lesson in order to follow everyone in the class due to their personal pace.

Positive Feedback from Current Students

According to our recent survey on our current students, 100% of the students who responded agree that individualised lessons are effective, help them to learn better as compared to learning as a group.

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