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Terms and Conditions



  1. Payment must be made in full at least 1 week prior to the start of each term.

  2. Each term consists of 11 to 13 lessons.

  3. Terms are as follows: Term 1: January to MarchTerm 2: April to June, Term 3: July to September, Term 4: October to December

  4. Payment must be made in full for the entire term. Skipping lessons within a term is not allowed and will result in fee being forfeited if make up lesson is not arranged in advance.

  5. All lessons that have been paid for must be attended within the current term. Carrying forward any remaining lessons to the next term is not permitted.

  6. Math Note reserves the right to refuse attendance if payment is not received before the lesson.

  7. Failure to make payment after 3 reminders will result in the student being considered as having withdrawn from lessons.

  8. All attended lessons are non-refundable.

Late Payment Fee:

  1. A late payment fee of $30 will be charged for payments received after the due date as stated on the invoice.

  2. The late payment fee will be deducted from the deposit made by the parent or guardian.

Deposit Top-Up:

  1. In the event that the deposit is used to cover any fees or charges, it must be topped up to $100 again before the commencement of the new academic year.

Mode of Payment:


  1. Paynow/Paylah

  2. Internet Banking


Administrative Matters:


  1.  Invoices will be sent by email. Please provide a valid email address upon registration.

  2. To receive announcements via WhatsApp broadcast, please save the number 82187192 to your address book. Math Note is not responsible for messages not received if the number is not saved in the recipient's address book.

Lesson Schedule and Timing:


  1. Lessons will be held as usual during public holidays and school holidays, following the regular timing, unless otherwise stated.

  2. Please take note of the center's closure dates during normal school terms.

  3. Lesson timings are non-negotiable and adhere to a fixed schedule. However, in cases where a student is unable to attend a lesson due to school-related activities, a makeup lesson, subject to the availability, can be arranged upon request


Attendance/Replacement Classes:


  1.  Students must inform the center at least 2 days in advance if they are unable to attend a lesson and arrange for a replacement within the term.

  2. Cancellation of a lesson 1 day prior to or on the day of the lesson will result in the forfeit of the lesson fee, unless supported by official documents (e.g., Medical Certificate) and reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  3. Absence without prior notification will result in the forfeit of the lesson fee.

  4. During exam periods and school holidays, it is advisable to book replacement lesson(s) in advance due to potential schedule changes.

  5. Replacement lessons are subject to availability.

  6. Unattended lessons will not be credited to the following term.

  7. Math Note reserves the right to cancel a class due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, replacement classes will be arranged, or lesson fees will be refunded.


Misplacement/Loss of Notes/Worksheets:


  1. Re-printing of misplaced worksheets will incur a charge of $0.50 per page.

  2. Re-printed worksheets/notes will be provided upon receipt of payment.

Study Materials Distribution 

  1. Our foremost commitment is to furnish students with study materials solely for topics presently under active instruction during lessons.

  2. Kindly comprehend that acquiring materials for topics beyond the scope of the current lesson, even if they were covered in school a few months ago but are not presently part of the ongoing lesson plan with the student, is strictly disallowed.

  3. However, we are ready to offer these materials when the student is prepared and actively engaging in the study of the respective topic under our guidance.


Transferring of Weekly Lesson to Another Timing:


  1. Requests for transferring lessons to a different time slot must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

  2. Lesson transfers are subject to availability.

  3. Transferring lessons for more than 3 consecutive lessons to another timing is not allowed.


Withdrawal from Lesson:


  1. Students may withdraw from lessons at any time.

  2. A request and withdrawal form must be submitted, and any remaining payment balance will be credited back to the student.

  3. Students who have withdrawn or stopped lessons for 1 month (equivalent to 4 lessons) or more will be considered as new enrolments and will be subject to the non-refundable registration fee.

  4. Math Note reserves the right to withdraw a student due to unacceptable behavior or conduct.




  1.  Math Note owns the copyright of all materials provided, which cannot be distributed to any third party.

  2. Math Note reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.


Referral Program:


  1. Current Math Note students are welcome to invite friends for a trial lesson.

  2. If the friend continues with weekly lessons for at least one term (minimum 8 lessons), the current student earns a credit.

  3. The credit is $80 for new referred secondary school students and $50 for new referred primary school students.

  4. The credit is deducted from the tuition fee in the following term, irrespective of the current student's level.

  5. The credit is non-exchangeable for cash and is exclusively applied as a tuition fee reduction for the subsequent term.

Adherence to Terms


  1. Both Math Note Tuition Centre and the Parent are committed to strictly adhering to these terms and conditions. No negotiations or changes to these terms will be allowed.


Automatic Acceptance

  1. By enrolling a child in our tuition services, the Parent automatically accepts these terms and conditions.


Acceptance of Terms

  1. By enrolling your child in our tuition services, the parent or legal guardian (referred to as "Parent") agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions. If, after enrolling, the Parent finds any part of these terms unacceptable, a refund for any unpaid lessons will be provided.



  1. 全额学费必须在每学期开始前支付。每学期通常有11至13门课程。

  2. 第 1 学期:1月至3月
    第 2 学期:4 月至 6 月
    第 3 学期:7 月至 9 月

    第 4 学期:10 月至 12 月

  3. Math Note有权对逾期付款收取20新币的管理费。如果在开课前没有收到付款,Math Note保留不允许学生参加课程的权利。

  4. 如果经过3次提醒仍未付款,该学生将被视为 "未注册"(或退学)。

  5. 所有已支付的课程必须在本学期内完成上课。不允许将任何未上的课程延至下个学期。


如发票上所述的截止日期后收到付款,将收取$30的延迟付款费用。 延迟付款费用将从家长或监护人缴纳的押金中扣除。




  1. Paynow / Paylah

  2. 网银



  1. 公共和学校假期,照常开课。

  2. 请注意中心的假期。

  3. 课程时间不可更改,并严格按照固定日程进行。然而,若学生因学校相关活动无法参加课程,可根据导师的可用时间提出补课请求。


  1. 学生如果不能上课,必须提前2天预先通知中心,并安排在本学期的其他日期补课。

  2. 在上课前24小时内取消,将导致没收学费,除非有正式文件(如医疗证明)支持,并将逐案审查。

  3. 对于有学校考试和/或出国旅行的学生,我们强烈建议学生提前计划,以避免因无法参加所需时间段的普课而感到失望。

  4. 补课的预约是在有名额的基础上安排的。

  5. 如果学生在某一学期内没有完成某门课程,该出席机会将被没收。学生应确保他们在本学期完成了所有课程。

  6. 我们保留因不可预见的情况而取消任何课程的权利。在取消的情况下,我们将至少提前三天通知学生,并安排补课或退还课时费。


  1. 学生必须预先2星期通知

  2. 名儿视情况而定


  1. 学生可以随时退课。

  2. 请填写退学表格,余下的费用将根据我们的政策予以退还。

  3. 退学或休学1个月(相当于4门课)以上的学生将被视为新注册,必须支付不可退还的注册费。

  4. Math Note 保留对学生的不可接受的行为或举止进行退学的权利。



  1. 我们最主要的承诺是为学生提供仅限于课堂上正在积极教授的主题的学习资料。

  2. 请您理解,在课程范围之外获取资料的行为是严格禁止的,即使这些主题在几个月前曾在学校涉及,但目前并不是与学生正在进行的课程计划的一部分。

  3. 然而,在学生准备就绪并在我们的指导下积极参与相关主题的学习时,我们会提供这些资料。



  1. Math Note拥有所提供的所有材料的版权,不会向任何第三方分发或提供这些材料。

  2. Math Note保留在任何时候修改条款和条件的权利,恕不另行通知。推荐计划



  1. 如果在中心学生认为某项课程是有益的,我们欢迎在中心学生可以邀请朋友加入Math Note。如果您的朋友决定继续参加4次课程,您将获得80新币(中学生)或50新币(小学生)的下一学期课程费的价格回扣。

  2. 费用回扣不能兑换成现金,只能用于下一学期的学费。


  1. Math Note Tuition Centre和家长都承诺严格遵守这些条款和条件。不允许对这些条款进行谈判或更改。




  1. 通过为孩子报名我们的辅导服务,家长自动接受这些条款和条件。




  1. 在为您的孩子报名我们的辅导服务时,作为家长或法定监护人(以下简称"家长"),您同意遵守以下条款和条件。如果在报名后,家长发现有任何条款是不可接受的,我们将为未上过的课程提供退款。

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